Bryan Pope

How Do I Prove that the Trucker was at Fault for My Accident?

When an automobile collides with a commercial truck, the results can be devastating. Because of the size and weight of large trucks, they are capable of doing severe damage to other smaller vehicles on the road, especially passenger cars. But […]

Jon Lewis

Need an attorney? Do you want a Mill or a Boutique?

So, you are in a car wreck, or you’ve suffered from medical malpractice, or a family member or acquaintance has been killed due to another’s negligence, or you’ve been defrauded or wrongfully treated by an insurance company.  What do you […]

Michael Leizerman

Mexican Trucks in the U.S. Could Be More Problematic than Most Think

  A legal battle over allowing Mexico-based Carriers to operate in the U.S. might be drawing to a close, as The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit stated recently that it would be unable to reverse a […]

Michael Leizerman

Federal Mandate for Truck Speed Limiters Continues to Stall

In September of 2016, a regulation was proposed by U.S. officials that would require some type of speed-limiting device on all tractor-trailer rigs. While many large motor carriers already use speed limiters in an effort to improve safety and fuel […]

Eric T. Chaffin

Supreme Court Decision Opens the Door for Companies to Require Sleep Apnea Screening in Truckers

According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania—sponsored by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the American Transportation Research Institute of the American Trucking Associations—almost one-third of truck drivers (28 percent) have some form of sleep apnea. […]

Michael Leizerman

Slow Turning: When Will the Government Require Automatic Emergency Braking for Trucks?

More than two years ago, a number of agencies petitioned the DOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to mandate that all new trucks sold in the U.S. were to be equipped with automatic emergency braking (AEB). In May 2015, […]

Bryan Pope

DOT Again Delays Effective Date for Truck Driver Training

Congress, various safety groups, as well as the families of crash victims have been working for more than 20 years to get the U.S. Department of Transportation to act on a basic commercial driver’s license entry level training rule. Regulatory […]

Thomas Greer

Google’s Waymo Competes with Tesla and Others to Deliver Self-Driving and Safe-Truck Technology

There are a lot of big names being bandied about when it comes to self-driving or driverless technology: Tesla, Apple and Uber just to name a few. Expand the topic to self-driving trucks, specifically semis or tractor-trailers, and you get […]

Melanie J. VanOverloop

Opioid Epidemic Leads to Increase in Trucking Accidents

Opioids are a class of highly addictive substances which are often prescribed for pain relief.  An individual taking an opioid can have slower reaction times, reduced coordination, blurred vision and drowsiness – all side effects that can impair a person’s ability […]

Thomas Greer

Institute Looking to Keep People Safe when Sharing the Road with Semitrailer Trucks

On June 6th, a careless driver in the Memphis area caused a succession of accidents on I-40 near Austin Peay Highway—one involving a small car that side-impacted a tractor trailer and slid under the truck between the wheels. One adult […]