Bryan Pope

CVSA Program Aims to Train Truckers to Be Safe on the Road

Safety should be a priority for those operating commercial trucks and buses. This year’s Operation Safe Driver, a week long roadside inspection program, aims to put that priority into practice. The annual event, sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance […]

Michael Leizerman

New Legislation Leaves Out Big Trucks on Topic of Driverless Technology

October 4th marked the passing of bipartisan legislation by the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce Science and Transportation on the subject of government support for self-driving technology—yet, despite numerous proposals from advocacy groups, the Committee purposely crafted the law to […]

Rick Shapiro

Complexities of Virginia Truck Accident Injury Claims

Truck accident injury claims can be one of the most complex types of insurance processes to go through. This is because there is often more than one at-fault party who may be responsible. A Norfolk truck accident attorney can advise […]

Randy Appleton

Fatal Tractor-Trailer Crash Causes

According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation, last year was the deadliest year in more than a decade on the country’s roads, with almost 40,000 people that died in vehicle crashes. One of the deadliest crashes that occur […]

Joe Crumley

Air Force Reservists Hurt when Semi Rear-Ends their Bus

Six Minnesota Air Force Reservists were injured when their bus rolled over after being rear-ended by a semi between Albertville and Monticello, Minnesota. The state patrol reported the injuries did not appear life-threatening, but at least one soldier was airlifted from the […]

Michael Leizerman

Attempt to Stall Truck Safety Is Voted Down by House

On September 6th, the U.S. House voted 246-173 against a measure that would have potentially delayed the upcoming mandate for Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) that will require all trucks on the road to comply starting in December 18th, 2017.  This […]

Steven J. Klearman

New Trucking Mandate: Improving Safety or Opening Door to Hackers?

The trucking industry is currently only four months away from an approaching deadline that will require most commercial truck drivers to use an ELD—or electronic logging device—to monitor hours of service (HOS).  Current regulations maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier […]

Michael Leizerman

Road Check: Are Big Trucks Safe?

This past June, certified commercial motor vehicle inspectors in the U.S. and Canada joined together in the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 30th annual International Roadcheck. During a three day period covering June 6-8, enforcement personnel conducted over 62,000 safety inspections (over 54,000 in the […]

Bryan Pope

How Do I Prove that the Trucker was at Fault for My Accident?

When an automobile collides with a commercial truck, the results can be devastating. Because of the size and weight of large trucks, they are capable of doing severe damage to other smaller vehicles on the road, especially passenger cars. But […]

Jon Lewis

Need an attorney? Do you want a Mill or a Boutique?

So, you are in a car wreck, or you’ve suffered from medical malpractice, or a family member or acquaintance has been killed due to another’s negligence, or you’ve been defrauded or wrongfully treated by an insurance company.  What do you […]