James Humann

Complications Associated with Bard’s Recovery IVC Filter May be Introduced in Upcoming Trial Concerning Bard’s G2 IVC Filter

On March 1, 2018, the Court ruled that evidence of the Bard Recovery IVC filter problems may be introduced during the first bellwether trial in multidistrict litigation 2641 (MDL 2641). The Court stated that it would be difficult to try the Booker case without evidence of the Recovery filter and the problems it encountered. Accordingly, Bard’s motion to exclude the evidence was denied and reported problems with the Bard Recovery filter will be fair play in the Booker trial next week.

James Humann

Hernia Mesh Litigation Moves Forward as MDL Court Establishes Case Selection Timeline and Bellwether Date for Ethicon Physiomesh

Hernia Mesh Litigation Moves Forward as MDL Court Establishes Pretrial Timeline and Bellwether Date for Ethicon Physiomesh. After years of battling transvaginal mesh lawsuits, Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon finds itself at the forefront of the expanding litigation over defective hernia mesh products.

Thomas Curcio

Just Say No to Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is not a new epidemic. It’s the number one cause of deaths on the road.

Thomas Curcio

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Series: Tide Pods Challenge

Tide Pods are bringing a whole new meaning to washing your mouth out with soap.

Roopal Luhana

Organic Consumers Association Files New Roundup Lawsuit Against Bigelow Tea

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) recently filed a deceptive advertising lawsuit against tea-maker R. C. Bigelow, Inc., in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. It claims that Bigelow should be held liable for “deceptive labeling, marketing, and sale […]

Roopal Luhana

In Light of New Glyphosate Study, Judge Delays Daubert Hearings

In October 2016, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) consolidated all federally-filed Roundup lawsuits into one court in the Northern District of California. These are all cases filed by plaintiffs who claim that after using the herbicide for […]

Roopal Luhana

Consumer Group Finds Glyphosate in Five Popular Brands of Orange Juice

As various organizations continue to debate the safety of a popular weed killer, Roundup, and its main ingredient, glyphosate, a new report from consumer group “Moms Across America” indicates that orange juice may be contaminated with the herbicide. According to […]

Roopal Luhana

EU Struggling to Decide on Glyphosate

The European Union planned to vote this year on extending the approval license for Roundup. That vote was initially delayed because of an ongoing debate about the safety of glyphosate, the main herbicide in Roundup. European officials met in Brussels […]

Eric T. Chaffin

Tennessee Man Says Monsanto Disregarded Public Health

On September 12, 2017, a Tennessee man filed a new Roundup lawsuit against manufacturer Monsanto. The case is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. But as all federally-filed Roundup lawsuits were consolidated in California […]

Roopal Luhana

Monsanto Says Plaintiffs Can’t Prove Glyphosate Causes Cancer

There are more than 700 Roundup Lawsuits pending in the Northern District of California, where all federally-filed cases were consolidated back in October 2016. The plaintiffs involved in the litigation claim that after using Roundup for an extended period of […]