Rick Shapiro

Is Asbestos in Talcum Baby Powder the ‘Crime of the Century’?

Recent health and safety information has arisen with regard to asbestos contamination of common talc baby powder products, including talc products sold by Johnson & Johnson, and other talcum powder products still for sale throughout the United States. During 2016 […]

Tom Young

5th Circuit Neuters BP Deepwater Horizon Claim Policy 495 on Matching

A few weeks ago the United States Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit ripped the heart out of Policy 495’s claimant-unfriendly “matching” methodology. Specifically, the Court held that certain specialized formulas, those used to “match” the “unmatched” profit and […]

Joseph H. Saunders

Roundup Weed Killer Faces New Questions After Court Unseals Documents

Monsanto’s highly popular Roundup weed killer is facing new scrutiny after a federal court unsealed documents this week concerning the safety of the product and Monsanto’s marketing practices. According to the NY Times, “The court documents included Monsanto’s internal emails […]

Wayne Parsons

Hawai‘i Genki Hep A Alert – as the first settlements take place, it is time for a second dose for those vaccinated

My office has been involved representing many local residents in the Genki Sushi Hep A outbreak since last summer. This Alert is to help those who were vaccinated last year, know that they need to get a second dose of […]

Matthew Sill


This Saturday, May 20, a broad coalition of individuals and consumer advocates will gather in Oklahoma City as part of the sixth annual international “March Against Monsanto,” manufacturer of popular weedkiller Roundup, whose active ingredient has been linked to a […]

Wayne Parsons

808 not 800: Hire a Kama’aina lawyer to explain your rights and represent you if you choose to seek Justice

I live and work in Hawai‘i as a lawyer and it has been my home for me since 1967. I mention “Kama’aina” in the title. It means “child of the land”. Of course you want your lawyer to be excellent. But […]

Wayne Parsons

Contaminated Ahi Hep A To Do List

With news of a possible outbreak of Hepatitis A illness from contaminated Ahi here are some things to do: Get vaccinated. It may not help if you have Hep A but it can protect you from contracting Hep A from […]

Wayne Parsons

Hepatitis A Alert: incubation period is up

The Star Advertiser headline this morning warned residents about a possible Hepatitis A outbreak from contaminated Ahi: Possible hepatitis A cases awaited The story written by Timothy Hurley  notes that the incubation period is coming up and Hep A cases might […]

Craig Kelley

Johnson & Johnson Will Pay Millions for Talc – Ovarian Cancer Verdicts

This firm has given the information and updates on talcum powder and its realized link to deadly ovarian cancer in women.  The latest news in the world of verdicts against talcum powder makers involves a verdict against Johnson & Johnson by […]

Joseph H. Saunders

Baby Powder Lawsuit Garners Record $110.5 Million

A Virginia woman who filed a baby powder lawsuit against the manufacturer Johnson & Johnson has won a record $110.5 million verdict from a St. Louis jury. The jury ruling Thursday night for 62-year-old Louis Slemp, of Wise, Va., comes […]