Mark Emison

Reclined Car Seats Can Be Deceptively Unsafe

Reclined seat attorneys taking a case to trial must prove that the reclined seat defect caused or worsened the plaintiff’s injuries. Often times, attorneys can show that out of several vehicle occupants, only the passenger in the reclined seat suffered serious injuries.

Thomas Curcio

Self Driving Cars and Infrastructure Needs

Autonomous vehicles pride themselves on being able to navigate our busy roads without driver input, however, in order to do that certain smart technology may need to be installed.

T. Thomas Metier

In an Action Arising Out of Americans With Disabilities Act Violation, What Constitutes Standing, and Is Notice Required?

In Brito v. JP Antlers, LLC, No. 17-cv-01956-CMA-NYW, (D. Colo. 2018) the United States District Court D, Colorado, answered those questions. Plaintiff Carlos G. Brito (“Brito”) is paraplegic and requires the use of a wheelchair.  Defendants JP Antlers, LLC and […]

Thomas Curcio

Autonomous Car Series

Autonomous vehicles have many roadblocks to navigate before becoming a common consumer product, these will be expanded on in further posts.

Tatum O’Brien

Understanding Modified Comparative Fault in North Dakota and Minnesota – what happens if the plaintiff has some fault for an accident or injury?

  What if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident where both you and the other driver are partially at fault for the accident? What happens if the other driver sues you (or your insurance company) for his or […]

Eric Washburn

Dealing with Spinal Cord Injuries

One of the most catastrophic injuries an accident victim can suffer is spinal cord injuries. These injuries are often life-threatening and usually leave the victim dealing with long-term, if not permanent, disabilities. If you or a loved one has suffered […]

Chris Nace

New Therapy Could Allow Spinal Injury Sufferers to Breathe Easier

Scientists have recently released data which shows that a drug-based therapy might actually restore breathing to individuals who are paralyzed from the neck down due to a spinal injury—until now, such patients often had to rely on a ventilator to […]

Melanie J. VanOverloop

Construction Site Safety – Lookout for Dangerous Boom Lifts

Aerial boom lifts are commonly used on construction sites, but they have a potentially deadly defect that many manufacturers and equipment rental companies have failed to address. An aerial boom lift can be used on a jobsite to place workers […]

John Bair

Trial Lawyers: What You Need to Know to Navigate Article 50B

Judgments? If I were a trial lawyer, that may sound like a wonderful thing. Payment, collection, winning. Well, if you’re a trial lawyer practicing in New York, or are trying to perfect a verdict from out of state, these words […]

Chris Nace

Spinal Injury: Consider the Risks before Diving In

With summer’s sweltering heat comes a desire to find cool water and dive right in—but you would be best to think twice before taking the plunge. Approximately 12,000 people in the U.S. suffer a spinal cord injury each year, and […]