T. Thomas Metier

What Constitutes an Unreasonable Risk of Harm in a Grocery Store?

The Nebraska Court of Appeals decides whether a broken hip and loss of consortium is the fault of the grocery store and its watermelons in Robertson v. U Save Foods, Inc.

Mike Bryant

Facebook Live Press Conference at 11:00AM CT

Streamed via Facebook Live from  Facebook account of Jeff Anderson & Associates.   St. Paul, attorney Jeff Anderson, a child sexual abuse survivor, and a Minnesota priest will announce the filing of a lawsuit on behalf of the survivor naming […]

Mike Bryant

First Bishop in the United States Sued for Coercion

Media Advisory May 8, 2017 First Bishop in the United States Sued for Coercion  In 2015, a Minnesota Bishop Suppressed Report of Child Sexual Abuse  Survivor to speak publicly for the first time Tuesday about abuse by a former top […]

T. Thomas Metier

What Does the Coverage Exclusion Clause in Homeowner’s Insurance Regarding Surface Water Mean?

The Court concluded that the precipitation that fell on Martinez’s home and then flowed into the window wells was all surface water, which the insurance policy clearly and plainly excluded from coverage.

T. Thomas Metier

Is Contractual Privity Necessary for a Home Buyer to Assert a Claim of Breach of the Implied Warranty of Suitability Against the Developer?

The threshold question was whether contractual privity was necessary for a home buyer to assert a claim for breach of the implied warranty of suitability against the developer.

T. Thomas Metier

What Potential Injuries is a Gym Member Assuming the Risk for When They Sign the Membership Agreement?

The judgment on Stone’s negligence claim was affirmed, the judgment on her PLA claim was reversed, and the case was remanded for further proceedings on that claim.

Scott R. Marshall

TORT DEFORM: Tort Reform and the Absurdity of Caps on Damages

I am a trial lawyer. I know our tort system well. I cannot stand frivolous claims, nor can I stand frivolous defenses. They have no place in our Civil Justice System. I also have no patience for disingenuousness. The assault […]

T. Thomas Metier

Can an Insurer Depreciate the Covered Loss Amount When Terms Are Vague?

The Supreme Court looked at Henn’s claim that the language in the insurance contract was ambiguous, American Family disagreed.

T. Thomas Metier

Does the Premises Liability Act Provide the Sole Legal Remedy for a Plaintiff on Private Property?

Under the PLA, the only way Tancrede could recover is to show that Freund injured her willfully.

T. Thomas Metier

Can a Homeowner Assign Rights Without the Insurer’s Consent?

The Court determined that assignment of a claim under a homeowner’s insurance policy for the homeowner’s property damage casualty loss is valid, despite a non-assignment clause.