John Bair

Legal Funding FAQ Series: Restrictions on Lawsuit Funding

Until you became a plaintiff in a lawsuit, you probably did not pay much attention to terms like “plaintiff funding,” “lawsuit loan” and/or “legal funding.” Now, if you’re struggling to make ends meet before your settlement arrives, your settlement will […]

John Bair

Everything You Need to Know About a Life Care Plan Analysis

When a certified life care planner develops a life care plan for an individual, they do not take into consideration funding issues and who will have to pay for what. Rather, they identify needs, and the costs associated with the […]

John Bair

Legal Funding FAQ Series: How Does My Lawyer Fit Into the Mix?

You’re not alone if you’re in the middle of litigation and struggling to make ends meet while you await settlement. At the Bairs Foundation, we know that while your world may stop due to a catastrophic accident, the world around […]

John Bair

What is a Life Care Plan (And Should Your Loved One Have One)?

A life care plan is a document that provides a suggestion for current and future needs-associated costs for an individual who has suffered catastrophic, life-long injuries as the result of an accident. Prepared by a certified life care planner, this […]

John Bair

Your Special Needs Trust Can Pay for These Things

Millions of people with special needs rely on government programs like Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid to pay for for essential goods and services. When a person receives an inheritance or settlement, however, the extra cash can impact his […]

John Bair

If You Haven’t Built Your Settlement Planning Team, You’re Missing Out

When you filed your lawsuit, you gathered a team of legal experts that aim to obtain the best outcome in your case. So, as you approach settlement, doesn’t it make sense to build another team with the financial expertise needed […]

John Bair

Trial Lawyers: What You Need to Know to Navigate Article 50B

Judgments? If I were a trial lawyer, that may sound like a wonderful thing. Payment, collection, winning. Well, if you’re a trial lawyer practicing in New York, or are trying to perfect a verdict from out of state, these words […]

Matthew A. Dolman

What is No-Fault PIP Coverage in Florida?

If you are a driver in Florida, you have likely heard about personal injury protection (PIP) insurance coverage, as you are required to purchase a policy under state law. However, many people who have PIP policies may not fully understand […]

John Bair

Plaintiff 101: What are Damages in an Injury Lawsuit?

This article is the third in a short series called Plaintiff 101: Things to Know Before, During and After Litigation. When you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to receive compensation for […]