Nathaniel Fick

What’s the Difference Between Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation?

When an employee is injured on the job, the remedies available to him may include workers’ compensation and/or a personal injury lawsuit, but many people do not understand the difference between the two. Workers’ Compensation Workers compensation is an insurance […]

Bob Shepherd

How to Lay the Foundation for Demonstrative Evidence

Many of the attorneys who use the demonstrative aids created by MediVisuals, or by others, are familiar with the technical aspects associated with “Laying the Foundation” of graphics for “Demonstrative Evidence.” Many attorneys using demonstrative evidence for the first time, […]

Maureen May

What is Medical Pay Coverage, and Do I Really Need It?

With car insurance premiums rising, some people have cut corners by dropping medical payments coverage, commonly known as med pay, from their policies, especially if they have health insurance. But is dropping med pay really a good idea? The Benefits […]

Maureen May

Your Prior Medical History, and Why Insurance Companies Try to Make It Their Business

Reality check: Insurance companies will anything they can to limit the amount of damages that they have to pay out in personal injury claims. When you suffer a personal injury and the insurance company for the at-fault party does an […]

F. Paul Bland, Jr.

Illuminating Injustice

Nominations are now open for Public Justice’s 2016 Illuminating Injustice Award, which includes a $25,000 check from the Public Justice Foundation for someone who has suffered a catastrophic injury but was unable to get the just compensation they deserved. The award also highlights the importance of the work that trial lawyers do for injury victims and other people harmed by corporate misconduct.

Tatum O’Brien

The Sudden Emergency Doctrine Should Be Eliminated in Motor Vehicle Crash Cases

The sudden emergency doctrine is a doctrine of tort law in which a person who is confronted with a sudden unexpected situation not of his or her making and acts reasonably will not be held liable even if those actions […]

Ryan R. Bradley

Where’s My Money? Determining Damages in Personal Injury Lawsuits

There is more behind large verdicts in the news. Determining the value of Personal Injury cases in Illinois requires careful analysis and time.

Mark Kitrick

What Make Trucks so Dangerous?

Trucks are extremely dangerous machines. With hundreds of laws and regulations designed to make them safer, they still cause far too many horrific injuries. In order to make our roads safer, it is important to identify some of the causes […]

Maureen May

Major Players in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Most people who are injured and subsequently file a personal injury lawsuit have little or no experience with the legal system, and a thorough understanding of who is involved in a typical personal injury case can alleviate some of the […]

Mark Kitrick

Safety Alert

Low Fuel Costs Brings More Trucks and New Drivers on our Roadways For quite some time the trucking industry has had to contend with a national shortage of drivers and additional regulations are on the horizon in Congress. These realities […]