John Bair

What Happens to My Settlement Money During Divorce?

You made it through litigation, and now you’re facing another unexpected obstacle in your life: divorce. Our experience at Milestone has shown that unfortunately, this situation is all too common. After their case concludes and their settlement money is about […]

Tatum O’Brien

Understanding Modified Comparative Fault in North Dakota and Minnesota – what happens if the plaintiff has some fault for an accident or injury?

  What if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident where both you and the other driver are partially at fault for the accident? What happens if the other driver sues you (or your insurance company) for his or […]

John Bair

Using a Spend Down to Preserve Benefits, Prepare for Long-Term Security

Millions of adults and children with special needs rely on benefits from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid to live their best lives. In fact, 86 percent of SSI beneficiaries in 2016 qualified due to a disability (rather than age). […]

John Bair

Helping People During the Difficult Times in their Lives

Our nonprofit, the Bairs Foundation, provides capital to families in need as they await settlement from a lawsuit. Unlike the “Get Cash Quick!” lenders out there – which often charge exorbitant interest rates — the foundation provides advances at seven percent simple interest. Simply […]

Matthew A. Dolman

Liability for Truck Accidents: Cargo Loading Crews

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that there are many different causes of commercial truck accidents in Florida and across the United States. While a truck driver or trucking company may be at fault in many situations, this […]

Matthew A. Dolman

Liability for Truck Accidents: Truck Manufacturers

After a truck accident, attention is often focused on the truck driver and/or the company that employs the driver when determining liability. In some cases, though, neither of those parties had anything to do with causing the accident. Instead, the […]

John Bair

NFL Settlement: Can Judges Regulate Plaintiffs’ Funding Deals?

For years, we have been watching the progress of the NFL concussion lawsuit, a landmark case that rocked the sports world. Now, the $1 billion settlement with retired NFL players is also raising questions about judicial power in regulating contracts […]

Matthew A. Dolman

Liability for Truck Accidents: Negligent Trucking Companies

In our previous article, we examined how truck driver errors commonly lead to commercial truck accidents. However, drivers are far from the only parties that may be responsible for causing a serious crash. In many cases, liability for a truck […]

Matthew A. Dolman

Liability for Truck Accidents: Truck Driver Errors

After a commercial truck accident, it is critical for victims to determine exactly what caused the crash—and specifically, who was responsible. While many different parties may be held liable for the losses of truck accident victims, much attention is rightfully […]

John Bair

Don’t Forget These Tips if You’re About to Receive a Settlement

If you’re going to receive a settlement as the result of a catastrophic injury, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. You may have questions about what to do with the money. Should you invest it? Should you put it in the […]