Randy Appleton

Elder Abuse Is Under Reported in US, Study Says

A new study by the University of North Carolina found that elder abuse and neglect affects one in 10 elderly adults and has far reaching negative consequences on both mental and physical health. The report noted that victims of elder […]

Tom D'Amore

Nursing Home Arbitration Finally Limited by CMS

Choosing to put a loved one into a care facility, whether that be an around-the-clock nursing home or a semi-independent assisted living facility, is a difficult and emotional process. For some it may be a relief that an aging loved one […]

Mark Bello

Nursing Home Industry Files Lawsuit In An Attempt Keep Preventing Patients From Filing Lawsuits

When big businesses can write their own rules and insulate themselves from being held accountable for wrongdoing, it is hardly impartial, is it? That has been the case with nursing homes where residents were required to sign a binding arbitration […]

Melanie J. VanOverloop

Federally Funded Nursing Homes Can No Longer Force Residents to Arbitration

After over a decade of  intense advocacy, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has finalized a rule that will ban nursing homes and long term care facilities from requiring their residents to “agree to” pre-dispute arbitration as a […]

Matthew C. Casey

Understanding Elder Financial Abuse

Elder financial abuse involving family, caregivers and others in trusted positions swindles $6.67 billion every year from vulnerable seniors. Why are the elderly attractive targets? Persons over the age of 50 control over 70% of the nation’s wealth Many seniors […]

Matthew C. Casey

Warning Signs of Elder Care Abuse

Every year hundreds of thousands of older adults are abused, neglected or exploited. Sadly, for every report of elder abuse, it is estimated that another 23 cases go unreported. Cases are unreported for a variety of reasons – the victim […]

Randy Appleton

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Alleged Nursing Home Abuse Case

A hospital and nursing home in New Hampshire are being sued for wrongful death in the case of an 87 year old man who died in 2011 after he developed pneumonia. According to court documents filed at Hillsborough NH County […]

Mark Bello

Advocating For Your Loved One In a Care Facility

Nursing homes are entrusted to care for some of our nation’s most vulnerable residents at a critical time in their lives. When this trust is violated and nursing home abuse or neglect happens, the results are often devastating as was […]

Mark Bello

Taking The “Nurse” Out Of “Nursing Home”

When elderly loved ones are no longer able to live on their own, many family members turn to an assisted living facility or nursing home. While many of these facilities provide excellent care, there are times that the system fails. […]

Langdon & Emison

Proposed Federal Law Could Put an End to Forced Arbitration by Nursing Homes

A proposed federal regulation would require a nursing home to make sure a resident or family member acknowledges that he or she understands the arbitration agreement before signing it.