Melanie J. VanOverloop

Opioid Epidemic Leads to Increase in Trucking Accidents

Opioids are a class of highly addictive substances which are often prescribed for pain relief.  An individual taking an opioid can have slower reaction times, reduced coordination, blurred vision and drowsiness – all side effects that can impair a person’s ability […]

Mark Bello

Deadly Crash Brings Motorcycle Safety to Forefront during Motorcycle Safety Month

Because motorcyclists are more exposed and can easily be overlooked due to their size, it is probably no surprise that riders are inherently more vulnerable on our roadways than motor vehicle occupants. The reality is that motorcyclists are 30 times […]

Scott R. Marshall

TORT DEFORM: Tort Reform and the Absurdity of Caps on Damages

I am a trial lawyer. I know our tort system well. I cannot stand frivolous claims, nor can I stand frivolous defenses. They have no place in our Civil Justice System. I also have no patience for disingenuousness. The assault […]

Scott R. Marshall

AUTO INSURANCE: Bodily Injury (BI) Covers Your Assets, Uninsured Motorist (UM) Covers Your A**

OK, you’ve got PIP, PD, Medical Payments, Collision, Comprehensive, how much Bodily Injury (BI) coverage to you need?  (Don’t remember what all that means?  Click here for Auto Insurance 101). First, you are not currently required to have Bodily Injury […]

Thomas Greer

Government Agencies Looking to Rev Up Motorcycle Awareness

Across the Nation, warmer spring weather always seems to bring two-wheel travelers out en masse—and, unfortunately, it usually means an increase in motorcycle accidents on our roadways. According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, fatalities of motorcycle riders has risen an […]

Joe Crumley

Getting Car Property Damage Claims Paid

Getting property damage paid after a car crash should be simple, but sometimes it’s not. What if you have your own collision coverage, but the other driver caused the crash? You have some choices, so let’s untangle this. Admitted fault.  […]

Laurence Banville

Police Are Investigating Long Island Motorcycle Accident

It’s easy to imagine cruising down the road on a motorcycle, getting lost on a beautiful day, taking in the scenery. This very scenario is why so many New Yorkers purchase a motorcycle and ride as often as they can. […]

Page Graves

2016-2017 No-Fault Year in Review

[Annually, Smith & Johnson, Attorneys, P.C.’s law partner, L. Page Graves, is a featured speaker at the joint State Bar of Michigan’s and Institute of Continuing Legal Education’s Upper Michigan Legal Institute where he reviews and discusses the latest appellate […]

Melanie J. VanOverloop

Preparing for a Holiday Road Trip? Don’t Skip Out On Sleep!

It’s a well known fact that severely sleep-deprived drivers are at an increased risk of being involved in a crash, but what is less well known is how getting just two hours less than the recommended seven to eight hours […]

Chris Nace

Thanksgiving Signals the Start of a Month-Long DUI Campaign

For many of us, the traditional four-day weekend that celebrates Thanksgiving in the U.S. brings about more than turkey leftovers, football watching and afternoon naps. It’s also when many states begin a long-running campaign to halt the practice of holiday […]