John Bair

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts in Settlement Planning

No doubt, a settlement is life-changing. Developing the most informed plan possible is a critical step to take before a plaintiff receives his or her settlement proceeds. To come up with the right plan for an incoming settlement, a comprehensive […]

Mark Bello

When it comes to Safety, “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure”

While initial reports said a boiler exploded at a box manufacturing company in the city of St. Louis shooting debris for blocks, the vessel was a hot water storage tank known as a semi-closed receiver (SCR). The tank is part […]

Mark Bello

Family Names 14 Defendants in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of a Texas University student who died at an off-campus Halloween party on October 28 has named 14 defendants in a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit. The party was sponsored by four fraternities associated with Texas State, according […]

John Bair

Is a Discretionary Support Trust Right for Your Loved One?

When an injury case is approaching settlement, coming up with a concrete plan for the proceeds is a critical next step. No matter the plan, the goal is the same: to ensure the plaintiff’s needs are and will continue to […]

Matthew Nace

Financial Aid Applicants Latest to Fall Victim to Identity Theft.

Over the past year, the Nation has seen the effects of Internet espionage and data breach attacks play out in the political arena; however, that does not mean that average citizens are not affected by such cyber-attacks. Earlier today, the […]

Mark Bello

Back by a Different Name, but still Trampling on Citizen Rights

Tort reform has reared its ugly head once again, this time, the “Protecting Access to Care Act” (HR1215). While this legislation may have a catchy, pro-citizen name, HR 1215 does nothing to protect a citizen’s access to care. It is […]

Laurence Banville

Pennsylvania Attorney General Files Suit Over Stucco Construction Defects

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General’s Office has filed a stucco construction lawsuit against the David Cutler Group, a residential developer accused of pawning off numerous poorly-built houses on unsuspecting buyers. Dozens of families have also taken to court, pursuing civil actions against stucco […]

John Bair

3 Things to Remember as Tax Day Approaches

For many Americans, the theme song from Jaws begins to play right around April 1. The deadline to file 2016 taxes is now lurking closer, and for those who have not yet begun to file or speak with a tax […]

Laurence Banville

Seventh-Day Adventist Schools Under Fire Over Child Abuse Claims

Two former students of a Seventh-day Adventist boarding school in West Virginia have decided to come forward, the Washington Post reports, filing civil lawsuits over years of horrific physical and emotional abuse. Their allegations are shocking, but in the light […]

Laurence Banville

Minor League Baseball Class Action Proceeds On Unpaid Overtime Claims

After three long years of legal battle, minor league baseball players have finally won the right to pursue a class action lawsuit over what they call unfair wage and labor practices. On March 7, 2017, a federal judge in San […]