Mark Bello

New Tort Reforms will Protect Iowa Doctors

Although the Seventh Amendment of the Constitution gives us all the right to hold wrongdoers accountable for negligence, tort reform laws continuously strip victims of that right. Now, after decades of advocating strong medical liability protections, comprehensive tort reforms will […]

Danny Feldman


First, a little bit of background – Alabama common law, as was the law in most states, allowed a dog “one bite” before the dog owner could be held civilly liable for the dog’s actions.  In other words, civil liability […]

Mark Bello

Remember the “Golden Rules” During ATV Safety Week

Hundreds of thousands of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents occur each year; it is rare for victims to just walk away after the crash. Here are four fatal ATV crashes that occurred this weekend alone that illustrate that danger. An Ohio […]

Mark Bello

Stand Up to Falls in the Home and the Workplace

The first week of National Safety Month is “Stand Up to Falls.” It is a time to help Americans prevent injuries and accidental deaths by calling attention to common safety and health risks, both at home and at work. Falls […]

T. Thomas Metier

When Does a Liquidated Damages Provision in a Contract Become an Unenforceable Penalty?

Plaintiff filed a complaint in the district court alleging Defendant owed Plaintiff $45,500 in liquidated damages because it canceled the contract early.

Mark Bello

Talk Safety!

The National Safety Council observes National Safety Month every June to raise awareness about the everyday safety risks facing Americans and offer tips and resources to reduce harm. This year’s theme, Keep Each Other Safe, highlights the important roles we […]

Mark Bello

Excessive Caffeine Results in Death of a Teenager

We are a caffeinated society, and teens are no exception. Since the 1970s, the number of teens using caffeine has tripled, with about 75% of U.S. adolescents regularly consuming it today, according to reports. In fact, teens are currently the […]

Mike Bryant

More Than Day Off: Memorial Day

Not just a day off.   Not just hamburgers, hot dogs and picnics.   It is so much more It’s Memorial Day.    Thank You to every solider that has served this country and to all those that continue the […]

T. Thomas Metier

How Does the Court Authenticate Text Messages Submitted as Evidence?

How to authenticate text messages under CRE 901(a) is a matter of first impression in Colorado.

Mark Bello

Do You Know the Leading Non-Traffic Cause of Fatalities for Young Children?

Vehicular heatstroke. Every nine days, one child dies from a heat-related death from being trapped inside a vehicle. Every nine days! That is an average of 37 children per year, according to KidsandCars.org. Last month, a toddler died after being […]