Joseph H. Saunders

Criminal Charges in Miami Pedestrian Bridge Collapse at Florida International University?

CBS TV Interview of attorney Joseph H. Saunders Six people were killed in Miami, Florida last Thursday, March 15th, when a pedestrian bridge under construction fell on a major highway crushing cars traveling underneath.  The huge concrete bridge was next […]

Mark Bello

Lawsuit Financial Supports March For Our Lives

As most of my readers know, on March 24 students and community members of the March For Our Lives movement will take to the streets in cities around the country to demand that their lives and safety become a priority. […]

Thomas Curcio

The Legal Aspect of Self Driving Cars

When it comes to the legal questions surrounding self driving cars, they are two-fold. First, the question of whether they can be tested currently, and second, when they are ready for consumers, who will be at fault in the case […]

John Bair

Women’s History Month Series: Leslie George

March is Women’s History Month. All month long, we will be interviewing each of the talented, intelligent, and hardworking women of Milestone Consulting. This week, we’re featuring Leslie George. Here’s what she had to say. 1. What is your position at […]

Thomas Curcio

Phone Apps to Prevent Distracted Driving

This post on distracted driving applications is going to be divided into two: one for adults, and one for parents of young adults and teenagers. As the saying goes, “there’s an app for that” and distracted driving is no exception, […]

John Bair

Commit to International Women’s Day

It’s undeniable that activism for women’s equality is experiencing a resurgence and a re-fueling by movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp. However, the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap Report found that the gender gap is actually widening globally. Analyzing 144 countries show […]

Thomas Curcio

Self Driving Cars and Ethics

Unfortunately, when dealing in autonomous technology, ethics questions will always be raised. While these cars will be programmed to understand intricate maneuvers and driving situations, will they be self-aware? Often when driving crazy situations occur that defy the posted rules. […]

Mark Bello

Is It Constitutional to Lock Up Immigrants Indefinitely?

Alejandro came to the U.S. from Mexico as a baby with his parents. He grew up as a lawful permanent resident. As an adult, Alejandro worked as a dental assistant to support his family. He was convicted of drug possession […]

Thomas Curcio

Insurance Series: Liability

Insurance, especially auto insurance, is never an easy concept to master. With so many options, and differences in requirements across state lines, many people can be confused by what they’re actually buying and paying for. Over the next few posts […]

Mark Bello

More Laws that Will Surprise You (Dumb Legislation – Part 2)

While most of our laws are obvious and reasonable, some laws seem…a little strange, even humorous as I wrote last Friday, in Dumb Legislation: You Can’t Bathe Your Donkey but You Can Buy a Gun. Click here if you missed it (you won’t believe […]