David Mittleman

Raymond Allard, D.O., Engages in “Bizarre” Behavior at Sparrow Hospital, Causing Infections in Patients; Sparrow Covers it Up

Raymond Phillip Allard, D.O., who was an orthopedic surgeon at Sparrow Health System and Sparrow Carson Hospital until recently, is currently under investigation by Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) and the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP) due […]

Randy Appleton

Which Surgeries Put Patients Most at Risk of Surgical Errors?

Having to have surgery can be a scary proposition, even if the procedure is a minor one. Not only is the experience itself intimidating, but the incidents of surgical error that occur every day in medical facilities all over the […]

David Mittleman

Sparrow Hospital Infections Problem

A nurse anesthetist named Jonnie Vanderhoef filed a complaint with the state of Michigan, claiming that Dr. Raymond Phillip Allard, an orthopedic surgeon who works for Sparrow Health System and Sparrow Carson Hospital, has a complete disregard for patient safety […]

James Humann

COOK IVC FILTER UPDATE: MDL Court Denies Cook’s Motion to Sever and Orders Remand of Blood Clot Filter Cases to State Court Based on the Forum Defendant Rule

The U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Indiana ordered remand for several Cook IVC filter cases that had been improperly removed to the multidistrict litigation (MDL 2570) from their respective state courts in South Dakota, Texas, and California.

The central question decided by District Judge Richard L. Young was whether medical malpractice claims against in-state implanting physicians should be severed from the product liability claims against the manufacturer.

Mark Bello

High/Low Agreements: An Effective Settlement Vehicle

While a jury has awarded a $43.32 million verdict against a Texas medical center and one of its doctors, the seriously injured plaintiff will only receive $9 Million. Why? Keep reading. The jury found that the hospital was grossly negligent […]

Chris Nace

Will a Hospital in the Nation’s Capital Ever Overcome Ongoing Safety Issues?

Almost six months ago, I first touched on the problems of a Washington D.C. area hospital that is desperately needed to serve an otherwise isolated community. While there have been issues for some time, the seriousness of the situation came […]

Chris Nace

Hospitals with Too Many Safety Issues Punished by Medicare

Hospitals across the country must operate in accordance with safety standards set by the federal government or else face being penalized by the Medicare payment system. Many hospitals rely on Medicare to function, and as such, this is a powerful […]

James Humann

MASS TORT UPDATE: Blood Clot Filter Litigants Prepare for First Bard IVC Filter Bellwether Trial

With over 3,000 Bard IVC filter lawsuits pending in multidistrict litigation 02641 (MDL 2641) in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona, plaintiff and defense counsel are busily engaged in final pretrial motion practice on the eve of the first Bard IVC bellwether trial which is set to begin on March 13, 2018 (Sherr-Una Booker v. C.R. Bard, Inc., 16-CV-474).

Mark Bello

Malpractice Damages Law Ruled Unconstitutional in North Dakota

A state district judge has ruled that North Dakota’s law limiting damages in medical malpractice cases is unconstitutional. Last April, a 35-year-old woman was awarded $3.5 million, $2 million in economic losses and $1.5 million for non-economic damages. The jury […]

Chris Nace

Congress Seeks Answers amidst VA Malpractice Claims

The Veterans Affairs Health Administration is America’s largest integrated healthcare system, with close to 1,300 healthcare facilities—including 170 medical centers—that serve 9 million enrolled veterans each year. Yet, negligence and malpractice committed on behalf of the VA is a long-standing […]