T. Thomas Metier

Did Defendant Medical Center Fail to Provide a Prescription, and Did that Failure Lead to the Death of the Plaintiff?

In Shaw v. Nebraska Med. Ctr., No. A-17-507, (Neb. Ct. App. May 8, 2018), the Court answered this question. On September 20, 2012, Joslen Shaw (“Joslen”) was admitted to Nebraska Medical Center (“NMC”) with various serious ailments. This was Joslen’s […]

Joseph H. Saunders

Doctor Guilty of Felony for Medical Malpractice

In perhaps one of the most egregious malpractice cases I have ever witnessed, Christopher Duntsch was convicted of a first-degree felony for harming an elderly woman in his operating room. A Dallas County jury took only a few hours to […]

Kevin D. Kojs

Operating Room Fires

Fire!! That is the last thing on one’s mind when they are going in for an operation.  Unfortunately, operating room fires happen and can result in yours or a loved one’s life being changed forever. The primary result of operating […]

Emily Beeson

Area Hospital Misdiagnoses Patients, Provides Unnecessary Treatment

Local media has reported that Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has incorrectly diagnosed at least dozens of patients in the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina—medical errors that were uncovered after an investigation by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. […]

Randy Appleton

WV Judge Awards $7.1 Million for Medical Care Negligence Case

A federal judge in Martinsburg, WV awarded $7.1 million recently to a woman and her young daughter in a medical negligence lawsuit. The lawsuit alleged the child suffered serious brain damage because of improper treatment during child birth.  A 26 […]

Matthew A. Dolman

The Potential Costs of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice takes place when a doctor makes a negligent error that causes unnecessary harm to a patient. Not every error constitutes negligence—if fact, doctors can make plenty of mistakes that do not. When a doctor’s error breaches the medical […]

Matthew A. Dolman

Sepsis and Medical Malpractice Claims

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening bodily reaction to an infection that can develop outside of a hospital or even in a hospital setting. Though it is dangerous, sepsis is also commonly misdiagnosed—both for people presenting symptoms at the doctor or […]

Matthew A. Dolman

How the Wrong Medication can Cause Injuries

Patients fill billions of prescriptions they receive from doctors every year in the United States. In addition, a hospital may distribute different medications to thousands of patients on a daily basis. With such a wide variety of pharmaceuticals in use […]

Matthew A. Dolman

Misdiagnoses in the E.R.

When something suddenly happens or you really don’t feel well after-hours at your doctor’s office, you may head to the nearest emergency room to get help. Emergency rooms exist to diagnose medical conditions and provide needed treatments to stabilize a […]

James Humann

IVC FILTER UPDATE: Arizona Jury Orders C.R. Bard to Pay $3.6 Million in First Bellwether Trial

On March 30, 2018, a federal jury in Arizona ordered C.R. Bard, Inc. to pay $3.6 million to a Georgia woman who suffered serious complications after the company’s G2 inferior vena cava (IVC) filter fractured inside her body.