Florence J. Murray

Better Together

In my law firm—family owned for 85 years—several generations of lawyers work together. We try to stay true to our firm’s purpose while allowing individuals the freedom to practice in their own way.

Arthur Bryant

This Year’s Top 5 Reasons They’re Attacking ‘Greedy’ Trial Lawyers & ‘Frivolous’ Lawsuits

Each year, Public Justice recognizes the lawyers who made the greatest contribution to the public good by trying or settling a case as finalists for our nationally-prestigious Trial Lawyer of the Year Award. We’re proud to announce this year’s five finalists.

F. Paul Bland, Jr.

Illuminating Injustice

Nominations are now open for Public Justice’s 2016 Illuminating Injustice Award, which includes a $25,000 check from the Public Justice Foundation for someone who has suffered a catastrophic injury but was unable to get the just compensation they deserved. The award also highlights the importance of the work that trial lawyers do for injury victims and other people harmed by corporate misconduct.

Coluccio Law

A lesson for lawyers: how to really investigate an injury case

Why—and how—plaintiff’s lawyers should investigate a case quickly and thoroughly, even if the injury accident or incident occurred months ago. See Seattle trial attorney Kevin Coluccio’s investigation tips…

Michael Bogdanow

Against The Wind: Rock Music Inspired Thoughts On What I Wish I’d Known As A Young Lawyer

As we start the new year, it makes sense to reflect on the past, think about the present, and direct ourselves into the future. In “Against The Wind,” Bob Seger looked back at his past longingly, sad about his present […]

Michael Bogdanow

I Should Have Known Better

“I Should Have Known Better” isn’t the Beatles’ most popular song – it was the “B Side” to their single “A Hard Day’s Night.” And although it certainly wasn’t the idea behind the song (it’s a love song, after all), […]

Matt Gurwell

Traffic Safety Partnership Developed Involving Local Government, a Non-Profit Organization and a Private Sector Business

In the private sector, it is a common understanding that if your business can’t change with the times, then it’s probably not going to survive.  Any business in today’s fast-moving environment that is looking for the pace of change to […]

Victoria Santoro

Twitter for Lawyers, Part 2: Content Development And Privacy

In my first blog on this topic, we discussed setting up goals for your twitter account and learning about what tools you can use for pushing your content out in an efficient manner. Once you’ve mastered those and have a […]

Michael Bogdanow

Six Key Ingredients Of A Successful Small Firm

When did Peter Gabriel become a trusted advisor to small law firms? Well, he may not have realized it, but when he sang, “Don’t give up, ’cause you have friends, don’t give up, you’re not the only one,” he was […]

Victoria Santoro

Twitter For Lawyers, Part 1: Goal-Setting and Timing

Twitter is the ultimate in worlds colliding for attorneys. Our job is to keep things confidential, maintain the attorney-client privilege, and make sure we don’t accidentally disclose something that shouldn’t be disclosed. But Twitter is all about constant, persistent sharing […]