Michael Swanson

8 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Know About Mandatory Arbitration

Forewarned is forearmed. Mandatory arbitration is a crucial civil rights issue that affects every single person in the United States, one way or another. Using mandatory arbitration, corporations are systematically undermining our constitutional Seventh Amendment civil rights. In my recent […]

Michael Swanson

What You Need to Know About Mandatory Arbitration

I recently spoke with experienced legal journalist Larry Bodine.  He has been researching consumer related legal news for years. In this video, Larry explains what mandatory arbitration is, why all consumers should be aware of it and what you can […]

Mike Shea

2015 State of the Market-Lawyers’ Professional Liability

As temperatures begin to rise in Florida and the snow begins to melt up north, I find myself perplexed by the condition of the global market for lawyer’s professional liability (LPL) insurance. While we seem to have a continued influx […]

Arthur Murray

The High Price You Pay for Insurance Fraud

Do you consider insurance fraud a victimless crime? Is that because you don’t think any particular person gets hurt – only a faceless big corporation? If so, you’re not really looking for the victim. Because if you really want to […]