Leslie Brueckner

Corporations’ Use of Personal Jurisdiction Defense on Trial in U.S. Supreme Court

In July 2016, the California Supreme Court offered a ray of hope by rejecting a corporation’s personal jurisdiction defense in sweeping terms, much to the dismay of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and all its corporate cronies—and to the delight of fans of access to justice. Predictably, the corporation has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the California Supreme Court’s ruling, arguing that it would be fundamentally unfair to allow it to be sued in California. Now, Public Justice has weighed in with an amicus brief on the other side, arguing that the California Supreme Court got it 100% right.

Katherine Allen

Brexit: Implications for Cross Border Claims

On 23 June 2016 the UK voted by a narrow margin to leave the European Union.  The decision sent shockwaves through the UK, Europe and beyond and it seems that everyone has a view about the wisdom of the move. […]

Florence J. Murray

Better Together

In my law firm—family owned for 85 years—several generations of lawyers work together. We try to stay true to our firm’s purpose while allowing individuals the freedom to practice in their own way.

Derek T. Braslow

The OxyContin Epidemic: Was it Orchestrated?

While it’s hard to believe that anyone would have purposely brought about the rampant opioid abuse currently engulfing our nation, it’s obvious to many, judging by the long string of lawsuits that have paraded through our courts for the past […]

F. Paul Bland, Jr.

Illuminating Injustice

Nominations are now open for Public Justice’s 2016 Illuminating Injustice Award, which includes a $25,000 check from the Public Justice Foundation for someone who has suffered a catastrophic injury but was unable to get the just compensation they deserved. The award also highlights the importance of the work that trial lawyers do for injury victims and other people harmed by corporate misconduct.

Zachary Mandell

Bad Faith – When an Insurance Company Fails to Keep Its Promises

Policyholders pay insurance premiums to protect against the risk that something unexpected could happen in their lives. In exchange for these payments, policyholders have a reasonable expectation that their insurance company will fulfill the terms of the insurance contract when […]

Daniel H. Friedman

How a Truck Accident Lawyer can Help You

Why a Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help Preserve Evidence This article is meant to help you understand how hiring a truck accident lawyer can help you. The other side has normally has a team of experts that are working to […]

Daniel H. Friedman

How to Find a Trucking Accident Lawyer with Experience

Trucking Accidents can be Scary This blog article explains what to look for when you need a trucking accident lawyer. If you are looking for an accident lawyer who specializes in trucking accident cases, I understand that you must going […]

Matt Gurwell

Traffic Safety Partnership Developed Involving Local Government, a Non-Profit Organization and a Private Sector Business

In the private sector, it is a common understanding that if your business can’t change with the times, then it’s probably not going to survive.  Any business in today’s fast-moving environment that is looking for the pace of change to […]

Mark Kitrick

Small Business Owners & VW’s Deception

In addition to the obvious victims that being consumers, Volkswagen’s deception is causing very serious and real economic damages to a certain group of small businesses. And that is used car dealers who are left holding the bag because of […]