Matthew Sill

$2.4 billion global settlement to resolve thousands of lawsuits claiming diabetes drug Actos® causes bladder cancer.

The diabetes drug Actos (pioglitazone) has been used by thousands of Americans with many later suffering from bladder cancer.  The manufacturer of Actos, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, agreed to a $2.4 billion global settlement to resolve thousands of lawsuits from patients and […]

Leslie Brueckner

Corporations’ Use of Personal Jurisdiction Defense on Trial in U.S. Supreme Court

In July 2016, the California Supreme Court offered a ray of hope by rejecting a corporation’s personal jurisdiction defense in sweeping terms, much to the dismay of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and all its corporate cronies—and to the delight of fans of access to justice. Predictably, the corporation has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the California Supreme Court’s ruling, arguing that it would be fundamentally unfair to allow it to be sued in California. Now, Public Justice has weighed in with an amicus brief on the other side, arguing that the California Supreme Court got it 100% right.

Arthur Bryant

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Seeks to Limit Court Secrecy

The federal government says that court secrecy is preventing it from protecting consumers. To stop that, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has now issued guidance that urges all judges, plaintiffs, defendants, and lawyers, as well as parties wishing to submit amicus briefs, to ensure that every protective and secrecy order and agreement “specifically allows for disclosure” to the “CPSC and other government public health and safety agencies.”

Arthur Bryant

This Year’s Top 5 Reasons They’re Attacking ‘Greedy’ Trial Lawyers & ‘Frivolous’ Lawsuits

Each year, Public Justice recognizes the lawyers who made the greatest contribution to the public good by trying or settling a case as finalists for our nationally-prestigious Trial Lawyer of the Year Award. We’re proud to announce this year’s five finalists.

Sean Harris

Knowing when to leave is half the battle

We all know the type: the person at the party who cannot bring themselves to leave. Whether they just like the sound of their own voice or fear of facing what is at home is just too much, knowing when […]

R. Cade Parian

FDA Proposes Ban on Powdered Surgical Gloves, Powdered Exam Gloves and Glove-Lubricating Powder

All of us have wondered what that powdery stuff is in white latex gloves.  Now we have an answer. It is bad stuff. The Food & Drug Administration issued a proposed rule today asking that powdered gloves be banned for […]

Whitney Butcher

$72 Million Verdict Links Talcum Powder with Ovarian Cancer, St. Louis Jury Finds

A St. Louis jury has determined that pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson (J&J) should pay a total of $72 million in compensatory and punitive damages to the family of Jackie Fox, a woman who passed away in 2015 due to […]

Scott huntington

Getting Into an Accident With a Driverless Car

While flying cars may still remain absent from our city streets, the future of driverless cars is getting one step closer each day. It seems to be a bit of a rocky road, however, as accidents involving Google’s driverless cars […]

Scott huntington

The Cost of Recall Fatigue

Moments ago, a Google news search for the topic “recalls” revealed the following headlines: “Volkswagen All Set To Recall 11 Million Diesel Vehicles” “Ford Recalls Thousands Of F-150 Trucks” “Shivvers recalls Country Clipper lawn mowers” “Honda recalling 143K Civic, Fit […]

Sarah Davies

Zimmer Ltd and Zimmer GMBH to Face Legal Action in the UK over faulty product claims

Following recent legal action against Zimmer Hips in the US, legal action is to take place in the UK, with the High Court in London setting a deadline of 30 October 2015 for patients who have suffered injury or illness […]