T. Thomas Metier

In an Automobile Negligence Action, What Damages Must Be Presented for Plaintiff to Prevail? If Specifics Are Not Proffered, Will the Jury Find for the Defendant?

In Lewison v. Renner, No. S-17-173, (298 Neb. 654) the Supreme Court of Nebraska determined what is necessary. Barbara Lewison (“Lewison”) sued Carol Renner (“Renner”) for negligence. On December 21, 2012, in Kearney, Nebraska, Renner made a left turn in […]

Steven Gursten

Sale of 7 day insurance in Detroit enables uninsured driving

DIFS Director says 7 day insurance policies, like those sold by L.A. Insurance in Detroit, are not designed to ensure continuous No Fault coverage

Randy Appleton

Two Brothers Among 3 Dead in Raleigh Crash

Two brothers and a friend died and two others were hurt in a car accident in Raleigh, North Carolina on Jan. 22. The brothers were 19 and 17, and their friend was an 18 year old man. The North Carolina […]

Steven J. Klearman

How Much Liability Insurance Do You Need?

While car insurance is required of every driver nationwide, you can do yourself a favor by paying for more than the bare minimum of coverage. There are two main types of optional coverage drivers can buy: medical pay and uninsured/underinsured […]

Jessica Ramirez

Representando Hispanos Indocumentados En Casos De Lesion Personal

Tenía ocho años cuando mi familia y yo nos mudamos de una pequeña ciudad montañosa en Puerto Rico al sur de Jersey. No hablábamos inglés ni teníamos una familia para que nos ayudara, así que con amos en la bondad […]

Thomas Curcio

Autonomous Car Series

Autonomous vehicles have many roadblocks to navigate before becoming a common consumer product, these will be expanded on in further posts.

Jessica Ramirez

Can Undocumented Hispanics File An Injury Lawsuit?

Representing Undocumented Hispanics in Injury Cases I was eight years old when my family and I moved from a small mountainous town in Puerto Rico to South Jersey.  We did not speak English, nor did we have family to help, […]

Matt Gurwell

Older Adults and the Silver Alert System

  According to the American Silver Alert Coalition, a Silver Alert is a public notification system that broadcasts information about missing persons, especially seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia or other mental disabilities, in order to aid in their safe return. Silver Alerts use […]

Thomas Curcio

Just Say No to Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is not a new epidemic. It’s the number one cause of deaths on the road.

Eric T. Chaffin

Safety Council Warns About Distracting Danger of New In-Dashboard Apps

Despite all the concern about distracted driving, our vehicles are becoming hubs of interaction. General Motors (GM) has been at the forefront of adding technology to their vehicles, and one of their latest additions is called “Marketplace.” The National Safety […]