Mark Bello

General Motors Patents External Airbags for Pedestrians

Airbags are made to protect the passengers inside vehicles. However, some automakers believe airbags can work equally as well on the exterior of vehicles to protect pedestrians. General Motors received a patent last month for an outside-the-vehicle airbag to help […]

Rick Shapiro

Fatal Car Accident Rate in West Virginia Higher Than National Average

At least 240 people were killed in car accidents in West Virginia in 2015, according to state statistics. The fatality rate in West Virginia is higher than the national average.  Experts speculate the mountainous terrain, speeding, and alcohol consumption on […]

Rick Shapiro

Herndon, Virginia Crime Spree Results in 5 Injuries

A woman and five children suffered serious injuries when a stolen pickup truck slammed into a minivan on December 27 in a police chase in Herndon, Virginia. Police reported that all parties who were injured are still in the hospital. […]

Rick Shapiro

6 People Injured When SUV Flips Over on I-85 in North Carolina

Six people in Guilford County, North Carolina were injured after an SUV flipped over a guardrail on I-85 near the Archdale exit on Dec. 23.  Police were called to the scene after the SUV flipped over the guardrail on I-85 […]

Eric T. Chaffin

People Drive Distracted, Even While Believing It’s Dangerous

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that distracted driving claimed 3,477 lives in 2015 alone, and injured nearly 400,000. They add that during daylight hours, about 660,000 drivers use their cell phones while driving, creating an “enormous potential […]

Steven Gursten

Detroiters pay high cost for discriminatory pricing on car insurance

Michigan’s territorial system (aka ‘redlining’) for auto insurance amounts to legal discrimination, causing Detroit drivers to pay as much as $5,000 more

Steven J. Klearman

Winter Weather Requires Wary Drivers

For Northern Nevada, December signals the onset of winter weather and winter driving. That’s why Reno Police and the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) want to remind drivers to be careful and proceed with caution when snow and ice are about. […]

Eric Washburn

Possible Defendants in Traffic Accidents

The traditional view of a traffic accident is limited to a collision between drivers, with one or the other at fault. While this understanding of traffic accidents covers many different types of crashes, some crashes are not the fault of […]

Randy Appleton

Study: Older Texting Drivers More Dangerous than Teen Drivers Who Text

There have been many studies and articles written about the dangers of teenagers texting and driving. One study, however, found that older drivers who text and drive may be more dangerous behind the wheel than teens who text and drive […]

Eric Washburn

Filing a Municipal Wrongful Death or Injury Claim

Last year, a tragic auto accident in Boston made national news and raised the question of liability when it pertains to road conditions and what responsibility municipalities and the state have when a vehicle accident occurs because of a road […]