Mark Bello

Who has the Right-of-Way?

In part two of safety during a power outage, Lawsuit Financial asks the questions – “Do you know what to do when you approach an intersection and the traffic light is out? Who has the right of way?” In most […]

T. Thomas Metier

How are Reasonable Attorney Fees Calculated in a Bad Faith Insurance Claim?

In the case of Nibert v. Geico Casualty Company, 2017 CO A23, February 23, 2017, Denise Nibert and her husband were injured in a car accident in 2012. Nibert received the policy maximum from the motorist at-fault, but she also […]

T. Thomas Metier

Can You Get Prejudgment Interest Without Filing a Lawsuit?

Prejudgment interest can be recovered in a personal injury claim in Colorado under Section 13-21-101(1): “In all actions brought to recover damages for personal injuries… it is lawful for the plaintiff in the complaint to claim interest on the damages […]

Ryan R. Bradley

Country Roads, Take Me Home…But be Careful

During planting and harvest, Country Roads in Illinois become Dangerous

T. Thomas Metier

How Much Social Media Data Will the Court Compel?

In the updated rules in the FRCP regarding electronic discovery, the amount of data available can be overwhelming. In Scott v. United States Postal Service, et al., (Civil Action No. 15-712-BAJ-EWD.) United States District Court, M.D. Louisiana, December 27, 2016, […]

Thomas Dennis

Seminole County Jury Absolves Ford Motor Company of Responsibility in Death Case of Young Woman Driving a Ford Explorer

“Ford accepted the risk that somebody might die in a rollover, and I ask you to hold Ford responsible for accepting that risk.” This was the plaintiff attorney’s plea to the jury during their trial against Ford Motor Company in Seminole […]

Eric T. Chaffin

AAJ Argues Against Legal Immunity for Self-Driving Car Companies

When a self-driving car gets in an accident, who is liable for the damage or injuries? The question is at the heart of a number of debates going on in the industry right now. There have been proposals that suggest […]

Mark Bello

Bicyclist’s Death Prompts State to Build Bike Lane

In December 2015, a 38-year-old man was killed while riding his bicycle on what is known as Portland Highway. According to the Portland Police Bureau, the bicyclist, who was wearing a helmet and had a flashing red light on the […]

Randy Appleton

Virginia Man With Blown Tire Charged in Crash

The North Carolina Highway Patrol has filed charged against a Virginia man in connection with a fatal car accident on I-85 in Davidson County, North Carolina.  The state police reported that a 31 year old man from Pennsylvania died when […]

Rick Shapiro

Drunk Driving Suspected in Crash in New Orleans Parade

A suspected drunk man in an SUV plowed into a crowd in New Orleans Saturday night, injuring at least 28. The crowd was enjoying a parade in the middle of the city during the Mardi Gras celebration. Th accident happened […]