Mark Bello

What Caused the FIU Pedestrian Bridge To Collapse?

Last August, an 18-year-old Florida International University (FIU) student died after she was struck by a vehicle while crossing a busy roadway near the school. To avoid another tragedy, the University commissioned a $14.2 million bridge to connect the campus to […]

Thomas Dennis

Who Is Responsible When a Self-Driving Car Has An Accident?

Who is responsible when a self-driving car hurts or kills someone? What are the laws that govern this type of crash and what will the future hold as it pertains to laws which may or may not protect consumers that have been hurt or killed by a self-driving car.

Thomas Curcio

Self Driving Cars: Implementation

It’s crazy to think in a matter of years everyone will be able to drive. You’ll no longer need babysitters or time off work to run your kids to soccer, Grandma and Grandpa will be able to go to the […]

Eric Washburn

Distracted Walking an Issue with Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), pedestrian fatalities rose by mmore than 10 percent from 2015 to 2016, and smartphone technology was considered the primary culprit. Safety advocates cite mobile devices as the leading culprit for this increase. […]

Eric T. Chaffin

Uber Self-Driving Crash in AZ Raises Questions About Technology

Uber has halted testing of self-driving cars once again following a crash in Arizona. This is the second time the company has had to stop and re-evaluate its technology following a crash. The first time occurred in March 2017, when […]

Randy Appleton

Under the Influence of Marijuana in Virginia Car Crashes

Most people relate driving under the influence to alcohol consumption. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), marijuana users are roughly 25 percent more likely to be involved in an automobile collision in comparison to drivers […]

Chris Nace

Self-Driving Car Kills Pedestrian: Uber Accident Takes the Autonomous Car Debate to a New Level

The Ride Share Law Group website recently reported that a self-driving Uber vehicle being tested on the roads of Arizona struck and killed a woman. While there was a human driver in the car, the vehicle was in autonomous mode. […]

Thomas Curcio

Distracted Driving Update: House Bill 181

On February 13th, the Virginia House of Representatives passed House Bill 181, a new bill cracking down on distracted driving. Now awaiting vote in the Senate, this bill states any use of a cellphone that “substantially diverts the driver’s attention […]

Randy Appleton

Keeping Kids Safe in Vehicles

It has been a tough winter for North Carolina families with many dealing with less than ideal road conditions. Between dropping temperatures causing lots of black ice, many drivers have experienced a lot of stress driving this winter season. When […]

Mark Bello

Don’t Count on Luck When Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

For many Americans, St. Patrick’s Day has become a day of celebrations; a time to wear green, don shamrocks, gather along green-painted streets for a parade, and attend parties. It is also a time synonymous with consuming copious amounts of […]